Paul Coffield

The Designer in the Dev team

I'm a UX Designer & Frontend Developer that likes to design and build websites & apps that both look good, and perform well.

I love to learn new things, and put them to use to make things better for others.

I'm also a UX Design Tutor with CareerFoundry where I help their UX Design students learn the ropes and apply human-centred design practices.'

Paul Coffield - UX Designer & Frontend Developer
Paul Coffield - UX Designer (Bookshelf)

UX / UI Designer

As a UX team of one, I've carried out the full-specturm of UX design tasks.

I work with users to learn about their goals and motivations and use analytics data to seek out behavioural patterns to gather insights.

Applying the results to visual designs in order to meet the goals of the business and help the users complete their tasks.

Frontend Developer

I get heavily involved in coding the presentation layer.

Accessibility, SEO considerations, Semantics and Responsive Layouts are areas that can often be neglected.

I focus on these to ensure the user is not forgotten when a project moves through the development pipeline.

Paul Coffield - Frontend Developer (bookshelf)
Paul Coffield - UX Design Tutor (bookshelf)

UX Design Tutor

Sharing the knowledge I've gained has always been part of what I do, both to junior team members and senior management teams.

Getting to share my experience with my UX Design students has proven to be an amazingly rewarding experience.

Current Position/s

Cabinet Office | Civil Service Jobs

Interaction Designer

CareerFoundry |

UX Design Tutor