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Getting Lean… properly?

It’s been some time since I completed my Professional Scrum with UX certification, but I’ve now found myself in the position to be able to apply it fully to a live project!

The geeky side of me finds that to be very exciting!

Revisiting Lean UX

Over the past few months, I’ve got rusty so I dug out my copy of Lean UX for a refresher.

As soon as I started reading through some of the approaches, I immediately started applying them to the work at hand!

Things seem to fit well in my mind and I’m confident that this will mean we can leverage the approach well.

Establishing our design process

As a fairly new (and growing) team, our overall process and tooling aren’t fully defined yet.

Fortunately, this is another area where I’m able to bring some of my own experience and make some suggestions.

Having always been a designer, but one that has also been a developer, I’ve been exposed to a number of tools/platforms.

Team Foundation Server, Azure DevOps, Jira – I’ve used each of these for working on both design & development projects and now.

Planning to get it right

A lot of our current meetings are more about talking than acting.

Right now, that seems OK.

We are all getting to know each other’s capabilities and experiences and despite the physical distances between the team, we are getting more and more collaborative in our approaches.

Getting this bit right will make it easier for the next steps to flow naturally.