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Judging for Adobe Creative Jam

I’ve just finished up reviewing a bunch of submissions for the latest Adobe Creative Jam, which this time is in association with LinkedIn.

I’ve previously judged entries for creative jams with partnerships from NASA and Scholastic Book Fairs.

Something a bit different

The other jams I’ve judged for have tended to be aimed at students on UX or UI BootCamp courses, such as the ones I tutor on with CareerFoundry.

This time around the participants are all professionals working in various industries.

The brief was to ‘tell a genuine and focused story about you and/or an aspect of your career with a visual presentation of seven (7) slides.’ The Adobe focus here was on their stock photography offering rather than a particular software (it’s usually XD for UX jams).

More about the people

Each of the presentations I reviewed gave a really nice insight into how a bunch of other creative people see the world, and how they are moving through their own personal stories.

The design aspect was interesting.

The use of Adobe Stock images ranged from good to great, these jams are always a good way to see how different people (with different skills) approach the same brief.

The aspect that stood out most to me was the stories.

Some could have been told better, but each of them was a unique insight into the individual behind the presentation.

I’d listen to each of these presentations

Reviewing the slide decks, it was obvious that these would all be really interesting talks to hear.

Some of them focused more on the creator’s professional ability/offering and they showed what they can do for the businesses they work for/with.

Others told the story of how the barriers they have faced and how they were able to address them and go on to succeed in what they do.

All of the stories left me feeling inspired and grateful to consider myself to be one of these creatives.

These are my people!