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My first UX Design ‘talk’

I’ve realised I don’t actually like to talk to people about design – I like to talk with people about design.

Talking Design with the Scottish Tech Army (STA)

Since I began my journey with the STA I keep finding myself being more and more involved in considering some of the underlying approaches to projects.

Given my experience in UX design & from working within agile development teams, I’m still a bit more unique in what I can bring to the team.

This resulted in being asked to do a bit of a talk about design to share some of my… passion.

My own design thoughts

I realised that my slides were perhaps more based on my personal journey into/through design and my current trajectory, rather than anything too design-specific.

My view was to illustrate how the STA could be used as a vehicle for improving in certain areas or getting more experience with particular tasks across a range of projects – because that’s exactly why I got involved!

I see the Gov UK User-Centred Design job family as a list of roles that I see as being the break-down of UX work.

I’d encourage everyone to take look and see which role/niche is more appealing to them and to use that as a future destination.

This can then be reverse-engineered to extract the kind of things that someone could skill up on to be able to move into one of those roles.

It’s taken me a while to have this kind of outlook, so I thought it was worth sharing to see if others could get a head start.

Future conversations

I’ve been fortunate to have a couple of people reach out to me since the talk and ask for advice/guidance on things.

This makes it all worthwhile for me and I’m looking forward to being able to have some more conversations and hopefully help others find their own design sweetspot.

Since you’ve made it this far, if you want to watch the recording, you can find it on the STA Vimeo page.