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Research heavy

This week has was our end/start of sprint, so there was the necessary review and planning meetings which always take a bit of time.

As a result, there was also the need to spend time going back through a load of existing research from a previous discovery.

Leveraging existing research

In the continuing effort to ‘not reinvent the wheel’, the team has been going back through the research data and reports from earlier projects to see what we can learn.

In some cases, the same issues are still very present for our users – in others, additional work has been carried out since the research was carried out and some improvements have been made.

Turning it into action

Being the Interaction Designer on the team, I’m keen to find opportunities to start doing some prototyping but I need to have a justified opportunity to target this.

Fortunately, digging through the data alongside Billie  (User Researcher), I’ve started to see the areas for me to investigate further in order to start with some ideation.

Getting to this point after our first sprint has put me in a much more positive, and mildly excited, state of mind.

I’m keen to make progress, but working in user-centred design, I also need to have a clear reason/user need, to steer my work – otherwise, I’m just making things for the sake of it rather than to solve a specific issue.