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User Research & Testing at Thomas Cook

This week my manager forwarded the team a link to a Webinar from UserTesting – speaking with Jo Migom, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Thomas Cook, about how they used user insights to help them re-build Thomas Cook.

The Espresso Webinar series

The series is billed as being ‘Your morning shot of CX’ and that’s exactly what it is!

Watching through this half hour conversation has set me up just right for a productive Friday!

There are more webinars listed on the UserTesting site, but you will need to hand over some details to be able to join them.

I’ve done that for all of their upcoming webinars.

Getting sent a link to the recording works better for me – I can watch them when I want to, like a sunny Friday morning.

‘Data, Data, Data!’

That was the response to my managers question about how we should get colleagues to stop assuming.

Data, data, data! Otherwise it’s just my opinion versus your opinion, and that doesn’t win – unless it’s very typical and then hierarchy wins, if it’s just opinions.

That sounded all too familiar, and it’s the way that I’ve seen these conversation play out in multiple organisations. When people have been doing their jobs for 10+ years, they don’t always seem able to accept another way of doing things.

We often forget that as UX practitioners, we almost thrive on change – we are amongst change all the time.

A lot of others aren’t as conditioned to change and a lot of them actually express fear at change.

We can’t forget that.

Moving forwards

The key point that I noted down at the time was in response to a question about strategies or tactics for helping to build empathy for travelers (the users in this context):

Just make it come to life.

Use as many testimonials as possible, but don’t do it in Isolation – Use data, but then Qualitative Comments and/or Audio/Video recordings so you make it come to life.

Then you appeal to both head and heart

This is an approach that I’d been discussing with a few people this week and it’s something I’m going to get better at – gathering insights in multiple formats to be better equipped to win the hearts & minds game.