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VisitScotland – Partner Website Reviews


As part of VisitScotland’s responsibility to tourism businesses in Scotland, we offered a website review service to a number of partners.

These reviews consisted of a UX review and an SEO evaluation to see how the site was currently performing in those areas and to surface areas for potential improvement.

Members of the SEO team carried out their reviews using Google Analytics and SEMrush, whilst I carried out a heuristic evaluation of the public-facing site.

These reviews were carried out monthly during my time at VisitScotland.


For each website, I would systematically work my way through the pages of the site. Starting with the Home page, then category pages followed up with any child/content pages. Most sites tended to adhere to this model.

On each page/section I would consider:

  • Nielsen Norman 10 Heuristics
  • Critical accessibility issues
  • User tasks and their journey to completion
  • Visual design

I’d visit each site and surface the main tasks that the organisation would want/expect their users to be performing – Buying tickets, finding information, searching for activities etc.

Given that the partners were all in the tourism industry, they offered the same kind of solutions via their website with some subtle differences depending on their type of business – a tourist attraction, destination marketing organisation (DMO), Information app etc.

I also carried out reviews on a couple of iOS & Android apps that were still in development. These reviews focused more on usability as they each offered very specific functionality


Each website/app was given a thorough review and my notes were then collated into a presentation to be delivered back to the partner organisation.

For each issue found, I added a screenshot alongside a description of the impact/s that the issue would have on the users’ experience.

A suggestion of a resolution was also provided where possible. My development experience allowed me to offer up practical solutions for the organisation to pass on to their developers.

When the developers were also able to join the calls, I was able to engage with them to elaborate on the desired outcome whilst leaving them to work on the practical approach to be taken.