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Volunteering as a UX Design consultant

Although I had been involved in the Scottish Tech Army’s (STA) Volunteer App project, I wasn’t really able to dedicate enough of my time & energy to the project to do it justice – this was part of my reason for stepping back through December.

As the new year starts to ramp up, so to does the opportunity to get involved in some other STA projects in a role more suited to my experience and capacity – guiding a student project team through the UX Design process for an app concept they created as part of a competition.

I’m looking forward to being able to work with the team to show them the kind of work that someone like does on a project and to show how they can develop their concept further – hopefully going from a concept to an interactive prototype that they’ll be able to test, demo and refine further.

This is always an opportunity to get others involved in the design work in a way that isn’t too intimidating, and which lets them see/understand the value in taking iterative steps to work out the details before considering the aesthetics.

It’s also the chance to sew some UX Design seeds into a few new minds – one day they may take hold and guide others into a Life in UX.