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Welsh language first steps

One of the big projects we have on at the moment is introducing the Welsh language into the CS Jobs platform.

Doing the work

Over the past week or 2, I’ve been working on a prototype that is based on the existing frontend code that we will be able to test with our Welsh-speaking users to gauge their response/s to the various approaches that could be taken.

It’s been the first meaty piece of work that I’ve been able to tackle since I started in my role as an interaction designer, and it’s been the perfect manifestation of why I wanted this role!

Building to test

Being in the position to be able to use HTML & CSS to create ‘working’ prototypes is a great thing in my mind.

This is the point where design & development meet, and it’s what I’ve come to see as being my own personal design sweet-spot.

To be able to get these prototypes into the hands of users and to observe them trying a range of scenarios on them is exactly how the design/development phases should work – testing ideas with this kind of prototype before investing too much time and/or money into a complete solution.

Wait and see…

The testing starts this week, and although I’ll observe some of it – I don’t speak Welsh, so I’m not likely to understand a great deal!

This is just the first of many rounds/phases and I’m actually excited to see how things progress and to start to see the Welsh content making its way into the live system!