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VisitScotland – Regular User Testing


At VisitScotland, we had access to the UserZoom user testing platform which allowed us to run remote, unmoderated tests with the panel of users supplied by UserZoom.


In response to the accessibility audit that had been done on the website, I created a number of tests on UserZoom that would allow me to test the common tasks that users perform when accessing the site.

These tasks included:

  • Searching for Careers with VisitScotland
  • Creating a free web listing on
  • Finding out about the Quality Assurance scheme


In having these repeatable tests, we were able to get user insights on the common journeys – which would feed into how we updated those journeys.

Updates to these journeys were tested before being made live on the main site, allowing us to see the impact that they may have which in turn meant we could be more confident in them when they were being released.

As is a Business-to-Business site (B2B) the majority of our users were those that ran or worked for tourism businesses in Scotland.

With this in mind, I also began to formulate a plan for building our own user panel of existing customers – meaning that we could run our tests with our actual audience, instead of relying on the UserZoom panel.


My time at VisitScotland came to an end before I could get the user panel established, though I created a detailed plan for the team to action.

The repeatable tests continue to allow the team to benchmark the common journeys and measure any updates against them.